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has anyone upgraded their mobile phone whilst bankrupt? I had my o2 contract done through the Carphone warehouse and o2 keep offering me an upgrade now with no costs for renewal with them. I have read on forums that o2 don’t credit check existing customers when upgrading if payment history is good and the cost is the same or less. Anyone have any insight or experience of this? The cost for my upgrade would actually be less. If I was declined the upgrade I would just wait and buy another phone outright but would this make them aware of my bankruptcy and terminate my contract? 


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    I upgraded my phone with three whilst bankrupt. They didn't ask if I was bankrupt or credit check as I was also an existing customer, if they did ask I would have declared it. No issues I am typing now using my upgraded phone. If places will give you credit whilst undischarged bankrupt as long as you are being sensible and its the same price or less you shouldn't worry. 
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    Thanks, I’ve completed the upgrade online, says it’s successful so I shall was wait and see. If it all goes through I’m saving myself £20 per month so that’s going in the emergency fund pot 
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    Surely it depends on the cost of the phone? if you have credit of more than £500 you have to declare to the company your Bankrupt?
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    With some networks it’s not clear but IIRC o2 split the contract into a line rental and handset element, with the handset element being a loan. Arguably if it isn’t a loan it isn’t credit so perhaps £500 rule doesn’t apply. 
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    The phone cost isn’t over £500 and my monthly bill is reduced so I feel it’s been an ok decision. O2 have dispatched the phone now so hopefully all ok. It didn’t ask me any questions other than can I currently afford it and do I think my circumstances may change so that I would not be able to afford it. 
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