6 years ago today!

Well as the title says 6 years ago today I was stood in a court room in front of a judge holding my friend's hand.  It was terrifying - i'm so happy that it can be done on line nowadays.  But, my 6 years are up - I stayed up till midnight for no reason as nothing really happened but i just wanted to be awake to mark the date.  Personally I have found it hard going as although there is no shame in bankruptcy it has felt like a millstone that I was carrying around.  The relief though after my court appearance and my OR interview was immense - i can't quite describe it but if you've been there you'll know.
I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to MSE for this group and to those who advised me and have continued to do so throughout the years.  This is an amazing and supportive group and i would've been lost without it (getting emotional now).
Onwards and upwards!!


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    Hi WickedWitch123. I can also say that I stood in a court room 6 years ago today and did the exact same thing. I can also say I too sat watching the clock and took great pleasure in it hitting 00:00. And you are 100% right - it is a millstone around your neck and it feels phenomenal to have that weight lifted...finally! And to anyone about to go through the same and thinks that sounds like a negative - at least there was always a date when it would be lifted from us - today! If you are in debt that you cannot manage and cannot see a way out, you don't have that light at the end of the tunnel, so bankruptcy was unquestionably the right thing for me at the time. And I also want to add a massive, massive thank you to everyone on this board. I may have asked relatively few questions, but I was always a lurker and I would never have had the confidence to go through with it, nevermind find answers to every conceivable thought or query that came to my mind. 
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    Ah its lovely to share this day with you!  I love your username - its so true isn't it.  I never thought this day would arrive and i knew there wouldn't be a fanfare and fireworks but it marks the end of a chapter for us both.

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    Thanks. Yes - it's just such a sense of relief, and as you say - the end of a chapter, and the beginning of the next!
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