Hi all, after some advice about an ant problem 

We've got a tree in our garden which is covered in ants - I'm talking hundreds of them running up and down it. When the kids toys brush past they'll instantly be covered in them.  They've now also started coming into the house in 2 different places. 

What's the best way to deal with them? We've got little kids so don't want anything that might be dangerous to them if at all possible but we really don't have any idea what to do!



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    Plenty of places sell ant killer.
    DIY stores, Toolstation, Screwfix etc.

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    They'll be gone fairly soon anyway, and they don't do any harm. 

    Leave them be in the tree, and just put some powder down where they're coming into the house so they don't cross it.
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    The ants running up the tree are milking the aphids in the leaves or bark so actually helping.
    I use ant traps, bought some cheap ones (local store) and some liquid gel (Nippon) from Amazon to drip into the traps. Put the traps on their run.
    Just tell the children not to touch them though it doesn't run back out of the holes.
    They should be flying any day now if they haven't already and you won't see them again.

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