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No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries June 2020

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  • asajjasajj Forumite
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    lantanna said:
    My beauticians have announced they are reopening end of August. I use them for gelish nails ( Go through phases of having it) and also get my eyebrows microbladed once every 18 months. They’ve hiked their prices right up. Wonder what the future will be for the beauty industry as I’m sure many people won’t rush back now they’ve maybe worked out how to do things themselves and won’t want to pay inflated prices. Interesting times ahead
    I was thinking about this recently, I bought myself a little eyebrow trimmer from Amazon for £12 and it is way better than I thought it would be. I'm definitely going to cut back on my eyebrow waxing appointments. I have naturally thick eyebrows and I can't stand threading. I have tried other places for waxing but the results weren't great. I think I will keep doing them myself now and get them wax every now and then to maintain the shape. I also wear semi-permanent eyelashes and I am thinking to purchase Lashify as I spend around £40 a month on the eyelash refills and obviously now I have lost them all, will need a full set done which is very costly.
    I have sold a travel size eyeliner and added two samples to the package. So three items out.
    Also had a shower gel refill for coconut shower gel.
    Dolly84 - Which Etsy shop you bought from? I'm thinking to buy one myself for the kitchen.
    I purchased some fabric cotton pads from Etsy to add my stash, they come with a box to keep them in and a laundry pouch. I doubt I will be able to replace buying them but using significantly less them before. 
    I have a Revlon Cream in Blush (09 Rosy Glow) - I bought it from TK Maxx a while back and I don't think it is available anymore. I apply it with a brush just on cheekbones and blend upwards. It doesn't have any glitter and really nice glow especially for summertime.  

  • sstevo19sstevo19 Forumite
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    One UU from a few days ago:

    Soft & Gentle Lavender & Patchouli Deodorant 50ml - WBA. Like the scent and it's cheap and lasts all day :):smile:
  • savingfortomorrowsavingfortomorrow Forumite
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    I finished moo goo evening primrose oil. it is really good but have a loads to use up.
  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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  • sunny_moneysunny_money Forumite
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    Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour mini in Ruby - nice but not the shade I was aiming for..
    Lanolips coconutter lip balm
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