Free school meal vouchers to be extended over the summer after Government U-turn - MSE News

Children in England who are eligible for free school meals will receive a six-week food voucher to cover the summer holiday period, after a high-profile campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford...

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'Free school meal vouchers to be extended over the summer after Government U-turn'

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  • SpotnpaulSpotnpaul Forumite
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    This is great news!
    Will cost, but does anyone really want children to go hungry? 
  • sam8787sam8787 Forumite
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    Fantastic news. Its just a shame I have seen 3 different people using them to pay for alcohol in the supermarket whilst their children were there
  • airfoxairfox Forumite
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    I have two teenage boys , and last year we homeschooled, but after my husband became seriously ill and could no longer work I became his care giver and the boys were going to re join school to continue there education. But lockdown happened!, now I find myself and family in a very bad situation, having to use food banks , and shielding my husband. Can we get help with free school meals?,  even though my boys were not registered or allocated a school place before lockdown?. I feel my family has no voice, my local authority Manchester council, don’t have any provisions for home schooled children,!  I would appreciate any help with this situation or advice as it’s been a real struggle. 
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