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Making cash from online survey sites - new MSE guide

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  • MoonChild91MoonChild91 Forumite
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    That's good to know! One of my colleagues uses them, but I was dubious about signing up after my experience with Toluna - the only survey site I've ever used, and I thought it was a complete waste of time. I might not bother if they're nothing special!
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  • ozziex99ozziex99 Forumite
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    I also had a few difficulties with Toluna, seems to be going about
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  • nannyto2nannyto2 Forumite
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    what are the top 5 paying survey sites right now?
  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    nannyto2 said:
    what are the top 5 paying survey sites right now?
    Check the MSE list - but your demographics will affect your earning potential, for example a single 80 year old, with no car, doesn't shop online, no insurance, not responsible for household bills or choosing energy suppliers and living on a state pension with no savings is likely to get very few survey opportunities.

  • nandrewsnandrews Forumite
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    That's a tall order. Because for me it's not those that promise to pay the most (the best). It's more about those that actually do payout what they promise in their invitation! As you may have experienced, too many in fact all will invite you to enter surveys and then reject you, sometimes almost immediately, other times after repeating details from your profile yet other times still when you have answered many questions or even all of them!
    So the more steady of them which pay less per survey might be the better bet.
    I would suggest in that category. Though don't expect a problem free ride.
    Consider also Consumerpulse, Shopandscan and Nieslen who are interested in your shopping and also ask for occasional surveys.
  • dandyhighwaymandandyhighwayman Forumite
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    Has anyone had any problems with Your Say Pays? 
    I signed up a couple of weeks ago. I have completed 3 surveys, one for 20p (completing my profile), one for 35p and one for 50p, in that order. On completing the 50p one I checked my account balance and whilst listing all three amounts correctly it had my overall total as 50p.
    I emailed support asking what had happened and got this response:

    "I can see that you have completed 2 surveys on YourSayPays - the May 2020 Survey and the June 2020 survey, both for 15p each. You have also received 20p for completing your profile.

    We haven't run any surveys for 35p or 50p, so could you perhaps be mixing us up with another survey site?"

    Aside from the condescending tone this directly contradicts what was in my account yesterday (no, I haven't got sites mixed up) so I signed in to take a screenshot and - lo and behold - my history has been changed to match what's in their email.

    Consequently I don't feel that this is a trustworthy site.
  • nandrewsnandrews Forumite
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    I've had about three years experience with YourSayPays and the compensation I received was mostly reasonable.
    Then I found, like many such sites, I was getting invited to, but reject from, many more surveys than I was able to complete.
    So I complained, but after many such reports to them, in very reasonable tones I got:-
    "You asked the same questions every time you emailed in, and we provided the same answers each time, there’s nothing new we can tell you.
    we are well within our rights to ban you from the panel for aggressive behaviour, thereby forfeiting any money earned. I even mentioned this to you specifically in several emails before we banned you, so you had plenty of warning.

     Because of the reason you were banned, you are not entitled to any form of compensation."!!!

    So be warned!

  • nandrewsnandrews Forumite
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    Thanks for your prompt about Qmee. I did use your referral link, but it prompted me that I had already registered. So I sorted out my login and found a number of paying surveys that I could complete. Of course amongst as many that I was offered but  was immediately refused from or rejected after providing details such as age and gender. So nothing new there!

  • mrsyardbroommrsyardbroom Forumite
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    I earn regular small amounts with Qmee.  I save it up until I want something and then I cash out Qmee and Prolific Academic together as both pay instantly.  It's a useful bit of money. 
    Don't mess with pensioners. :cool:
  • nandrewsnandrews Forumite
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    That's good to hear. How do you deal with the (all too frequent) rejections and the wasting of so much time in partial completes?
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