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Free Mini Willow Wand Live Again

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elainerukelaineruk Forumite
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Fourth Anniversary 10 Posts   This offer was live at the end of March but only lasted for a couple of days - they've relaunched it, but don't suppose it will be up for long so grab one whilst you can (as of posting 10.49 on 03.05.20) says 268 in stock to giveaway.


  • asajjasajj Forumite
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    Sixth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Rampant Recycler
    Yes gone again, thanks for sharing though!
    £2020 in 2020 / £1678.62

  • fenwick458fenwick458 Forumite
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    I'm sure these are available elsewhere at a similar price, it's not exactly an amazing offer, ot's ok but  it's mainly good marketing.
    I got one, £3.99 for a wooden stick, comes in a large letter box. So i' sure the £3.99 covers the product, plus shipping.
    just put it in a pot and water it, grows in about a week.

    I know absolutely nothing about plants, infact it's the fist one i've ever grown, but i reckon you'd get one of these at a garden centre for £4 no probs

  • libra10libra10 Forumite
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    We bought a couple of these at a flower show a couple of years ago, and placed them outside in the garden.
    Planted in the soil, they've grown rapidly and filled out, we have to keep cutting them back.  They look lovely outside and survive winter with no problems.
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