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Sainsbury's Credit Card - Online account logging issue

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Sainsbury's Credit Card - Online account logging issue

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Rich098Rich098 Forumite
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Dear MSE Forumees and Forumites,   :)

Hope you are all well and safe. I am writing this post whilst hoping one of you might be able to advise me on an issue I am currently experiencing with Sainsbury's Bank. I have got to the point where I feel I have exhausted all of the options available to me whilst trying to solve it. 

I have registered for Sainsbury's credit card in January this year and have not experienced any problems - nor with the card itself or my online account. However, ever since Sainsbury's Bank has implemented extra security features (4th May 2020) I am no longer able to log in to my online account. I have rang their Customer Services on number of occasions but they were unable to resolve the issue. I have been told on one occasion that my case has been referred to the Specialist Team and they will try to fix the problem as a matter of urgency. Unfortunately, the issue has not been fixed. During my last call with them I have been told the case has been escalated for the attention of their senior management and will be looked into as a matter of urgency. I have been also promised that one of their Customer Services managers (Ian) will get back in touch with me by Friday 22nd may 2020 and provide an update. No one has rang me to this date and I am still unable to log in to my account. 

I cannot even say how disappointed I am with them right now. I have been told that only a very few customers have experienced issues after the implementation of the extra security features. Having said that I would have thought that they would fix the problem promptly but in my case, it is almost 4 weeks now and no fix has been made. 

Furthermore, there was no notification about this problem on their website or social media nor have I received an email from them advising me about it (I have not received an email advising me about the extra security features either). I find the lack of communication and support from their side absolutely shocking.  :/

I have stopped using the card as I have lost a faith in Sainsbury's Bank. I would like to cancel it and close my account, however, as I mentioned I have registered for the card only 5 months ago and I am worried that cancelling the card within such short period will have a negative impact on my credit file. 

Would someone be able to advise what I should do in this case please? I tried to find some advice regarding this matter on MSE website but unfortunately without a success. 

Kind regards

Kat  :)


  • MrsMegMrsMeg Forumite
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    I am having issues with them, I find their customer service appalling. I ended up using resolver to raise a complaint, and whilst their responses on that were pathetic, they did at least respond. Perhaps you could try that.
  • Rich098Rich098 Forumite
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    Thank you Meg, I have already done that. Let's see how long will it take them to respond and what their response will be like. Can't say I'm being hopeful, I'm already looking for different credit card provider. But I agree with you on their customer service - definitely needs a big improvement! Plus, they should really compensate their customer for the inconvenience they have caused them. 
  • Anna_BelleAnna_Belle Forumite
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    Hello Mrs Meg. Not used to forum etiquette, so excuse if incorrect.  I'm having major problems with Sainsbury's Bank too. I read your post where you said they were treating Section 75 and chargeback as one and the same. I have the same problem. Was your problem resolved through Resolver? I filed a Section 75, but instead they are dragging me through a chargeback under the heading of Section 75.  I won that as airline's challenge was invalid and insufficient, but instead of refunding me, they have raised a 2nd chargeback (Pre-arbitration). Have you managed to get your refund yet may I ask?
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