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I have a home phone  and broadband contract with Vodafone. We moved to our current address in February and renewed our contract for 18 months. I received an email this morning from Vodafone that they were sorry that I was leaving them and and switching to another provider. Now it's the third time this month that Skytalk is trying to switch my telephone line to them. I have never asked them to do so, had never been in contact with them before. Obviously I contacted Vodafone and cancelled the switch each time. They have been telling me they go start the switch once they receive it from another provider because they assume it was me. After the second attempt I contacted Sky, I was told that they couldn't do anything like putting a note on my number saying I didn't want to switch to them and that a customer might mistyped their number when asking for a switch and that was why they were trying to switch me. Apparently it would flag up for them after two unsuccessful attempts but here we go again! Is there anything I can do to stop this? Sick and tired of contacting Vodafone each week! First time I also reported it as slamming to Ofcom. 


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    It’s more likely to be your address than a phone number that someone is mis quoting to Sky to start a switch, is there anything unusual about your address ( for example houses converted into many flats) , sometimes ambiguous addresses can start genuine mistakes , or it could be someone is doing it deliberately to mess you about, I doubt Sky will ever refuse an order to switch, so you may have to rely on advising VF each and every time....if it were a genuine mistake you would think eventually the person making the request would ask Sky why the order keeps being rejected, then whatever the ‘error’ is will be picked up
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    After spending almost 2 hours on the phone with Vodafone,  finally someone from the easyswitch team found the source of the problem. Someone living at my previous address tried switching to Sky and although I cancelled that service there in February and now my landline number is different as well,  someone by mistake kept sending these letters and email about the switch. In the letters and emails there were no mention of the exact landline number,  they were addressed to my current address and referring to my contract number. 
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