90 seconds part two

Good afternoon, Im the lady who posted a couple of years ago when VCS ticketed me in less than 90 seconds as in the video from my dash camera, Ive been unable to login on my old account and continue that thread.
I followed all the advice given and ultimatly my case dissapeared from their myparkingcharge site, Coupon-mad said they would be back and she was right, they have now sent me a formal letter before claim, it gives the 30 days to respond and includes papers on which they want me to provide them with my financial information so Im treating it as genuine. I sent a SAR at the time which went unanswered so I have complained to the ICO and in the meantime will send another.
The case was for parking in a disabled bay without displaying my blue badge, I did provide them with a copy of the same but it looks like they want to try their hand in court, my question is about counter claiming under the Equality acy 2010, do I have to make a claim in my name or will the papers from the court allow me to do this?


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    Hi thanks for the comments, you are spot on about the video, I tried to put it up but I cant yet as I dont have enough posts, its on Youtube and I will repost as soon as I can.
    My previous name was ellaro, when I try to login on the other account it wants me to update the password but its not sending me the link despite doing it several times.
    So I have to wait until I get the claim form then submit a counter claim?
    Im going to call the land registry tomorrow and find out who is the land owner, tried today but they close the phones at 12pm, do I have to submit a seperate claim to include them in the counter claim?
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    ...and there was nothing stopping you continuing on your original thread, regardless of the username issue.

    There are now seventy-six replies - some/many of which would've been useful - which are now 'elsewhere'.

    Please consider asking a Board Guide to merge your two threads.

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    Ok it would be great if the threads were merged, I tried to locate the thread but wasnt having much luck with the search function, it was asking me to search for a username upto a year ago, maybe Im just doing it wrong.
    The last comment was where coupon mad implied they would be back and she was right, I did follow all the advice and it went away from their site so I thought (hoped) that was the end of it, it came up as no record when I typed their numbers in but now its back.
    At the time my MP was involved, he wasnt much use other than they replied to him but were ignoring me, the IPC were making all kinds of excuses for vcs, it was all my fault as there was a sign near my car blah blah blah.
    pould you think it would go my way in court?
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    Desperation by VCS to get cash flow ???
    They have probably forgotten about the video  and a judge will "rock n roll" them, off with their pants and get his cane out for that infamous spanking.

    PLUS .... they will have added a fake £50 which has tainted their claim making it unreliable

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    I noted at the time the IPC code of practise read
    "15. Grace Periods 15.1 Drivers should be allowed a sufficient amount of time to park and read any signs so   they may make an informed decision as to whether or not to remain on the site."

    But its now changed to 
    "13 Consideration and Grace Periods on Private Land 
    13.1 Motorists must be allowed a sufficient Consideration Period so they may make an informed decision as to whether or not to enter or remain on the Private Land. If a Motorist chooses to reject the opportunity by entering or remaining on the Private Land without reading terms and conditions, they may be deemed to have accepted them immediately."

    Which is convenient for them as they claimed I walked off withour reading the sign, in fact I went to the sign at the entrance by which time I already had the ticket!
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