Cheap Smell-alikes - Cheaper alternatives to Expensive Perfumes

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    I like ZARA perfumes and on Youtube there are videos where people say which ones are dupes. I buy just based on my favorite floral notes and so far very pleased. Lovely affordable perfumes.
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    If you're planning on splashing out £50+, Shure Cosmetics is the place to go, as you get things at warehouse prices. Those Milton Lloyds are £2.05 for most of them (plus VAT and delivery - usually £6) but even with that on, still getting them a lot cheaper. Just avoid the Shirley May/Dorall etc rubbish.
    Also try out Perfume Parlour, Pocket Scents, Rosa Salas - they do 'clones' but also their own creations. Their are some not so good clone houses, but these are really good. Rosa Salas discovered recently. Lots of YT vids on them and they are really good.
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    Can anyone recommend which Creation Lamis ones are good smellalikes and long lasting?As I sell on a car boot sale.Or any other brands.Ive heard they do a good Men's Spicebomb one but my supplier doesn't currently have it.Mainly after men's ones please.
    I've tried most of the Milton Lloyd ones to be honest,and the Creed/Victor.
    Many thanks!!!
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    I have used the Essence Vault in the past and have always been pleased, their prices are very reasonable

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