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binaobinao Forumite
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Hi all, Found the motoring section under the Home and DIY section.

I can only get 1 page of threads, recent discussions.
All the threads have a last post dated today, so a new thread will cause a thread with a today's post to, "fall off the page bottom".

Hope the above makes sense.

Is this right, or am I missing something? 

Thanks for all replys.

Stay safe everyone everywhere  :)


  • duncanthedogduncanthedog Forumite
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    That has been happening with a lot of different sections, there are other threads on Site Feedback about it.
    The missing pages do return eventually.
    All caused by 'tinkering' from the techy bods.
  • binaobinao Forumite
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    Thank you duncantheddog dtg.  
    Stay safe everyone everywhere  :)
  • FXDLFXDL Forumite
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    I'm reimporting my motorcycle after permanently exporting it 18 months ago.  I can't get through to DVLA for advice and have found conflicting advice online.  I've seen the general rules for importing which talk about NOVA application to HMRC.  This says if you have bought a vehicle, which I haven't.  I bought it new in the UK, shipped it to Spain 18 months ago and now want to bring it back.  I found a thread on another site that said he was doing exactly what I'm doing and HMRC told him he didn't need to do NOVA. 
    Obviously I need MOT, insurance before I can get tax and I'm told that DVLA will, almost always reregister the vehicle under its previous UK number so I think I can sort MOT on either the VIN number or the old registration and insurance on the old number.
    I've checked the DVLA vehicle enquiry service online and my bike is shown as SORNed.  I definitely sent them the paperwork to permanently export it and have definitely not SORNed it myself so that would suggest DVLA set it's status to SORN?
    Any help much appreciated.  
  • FXDLFXDL Forumite
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    Please disregard.  I clicked top left to add a new post and thought it would start a new thread.
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