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Online accounts

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wordy54wordy54 Forumite
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the interest on savings has dropped a lot. Martin always says move savings into the best rate which is usually online. I a little nervous about opening accounts online how do I make sure they are legitimate sites? If I go through links on Martin Lewis website are they safe? I can’t afford to lose my savings.


  • george9071george9071 Forumite
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    Always make sure it is a padlock site. Google the place and you can find out if its legitimate or not.
  • missilemissile Forumite
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    I could not find any savings account worth switching to.
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  • KatiehoundKatiehound Forumite
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    The ones at present paying the most!! are the regular monthly savers all of which require you to hold a current a/c (as far as I am aware:-)

     2.75% with HSBC, M&S and First Direct banks.
    2.5% with Lloyds - if you have a Club Lloyds a/c
    2% with Lloyds, Halifax & TSB
    In all cases a/c is for 12 month period only. rate fixed
    Max £250pm pay in  except for Club Lloyds RS- max £400 pm
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