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It all started in august when i got a letter from Halifax saying there were shutting down my account i went to the bank and asked why they sent me to cifas so i called and asked for a letter telling me what the problem was and it said it was N26 who put a marker on my name . I contacted N26 and asked why they put this on my account. They said it was because of a faster payment transaction, bare in mind i have never been in trouble with the banks or the police. So this was a shock to me, Halifax told me to try another bank and so i did, straight away i was turned down? I tried a few more banks and the result was the same? I asked N26 to remove the marker as it was placed on my name wrongfully after weeks and months of going back n fourth im here and it hasnt been resolved, i just got off the phone to CIFAS and they told me that the marker would last 6 years?! This is not fair at all im 19 and i have a marker on my name for something i didnt do? I cant have a job or open a bank account until im 24 years old?  Im posting here because i have honestly tried everything and i dont know what to do here if there is anyone who knows a lawyer or someone that can help me because im seriously stuck and have no one else to help me. Anything would be appricated right now. 


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    Try the budgeting and bank accounts forum, I don’t see that this is related to bankruptcy
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    What does this have to do with bankruptcy?  
    That aside, what was the faster payments transaction for?  Have you challenged the marker through their formal complaints procedure?    
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    Whats this about the "faster payment transaction" ?
    Was it a transaction that was paid into your account or one that left the account eg paid to someone else ?
    Do you have knowledge of the transaction ?
    Provide more information please.

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    Moved to more appropriate forum.
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    Can you provide us some more information about this "Transaction" so maybe you can get the proper advice.
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    OP seems like you have a fraud CIFAS marker placed against you. This prevents you from having a bank account, savings account, credit card and a mortgage  for 6 years. When you apply for an account with one of these you either get straight up declined or in the rare scenario your application gets approved it will be blocked and closed immediately within 1-2 weeks of account opening after the bank has conducted their final new account opening checks. 

    Have you done a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) to CIFAS? You can request this online:

    You may have already done so please forgive me if you have but if you haven't you need to make a complaint to N26 requesting the marker to be removed because you believe it has been incorrectly placed. If N26 refuse to remove it, you need to then go to CIFAS who will then conduct a review themselves. If CIFAS think the marker has been placed correctly by N26, you then need to go to the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) and make a complaint about it with them. If the FOS disagrees with you, then the marker will not be removed unfortunately and you'll have to ride this out for 6 years.

    You must surely have a thought on why N26 placed this marker against you? Have you got a large amount of savings you've moved around?
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