Please help !

I've been struggling financially for a long time - credit cards, overdraft, payday loans ...everything. 
I've considered bankruptcy several times but never had to guts to sort it out. However, the situation has come to a head with the current economic climate and i feel that i really need to sort everything out as unopened letters are starting to pile up! I have started to put together a budget and would like some advise on my figures but don't know if there is a special format I should use to post it on here?
Please can someone point me in the right direction?
Flora McDora


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    Hi Flora
    There are a number of options for dealing with debt so let's consider which is most suitable.

    Yes, for us to point you in the right direction we would need more detail and  this statement of affairs is the best way to do it

    Please format for mse

    You will need to open  those letters as we need to know how much is owed to who, and what the aprs are.

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    You sound like me 4 months ago, I was in the same situation. I finally decided to go ahead with bankruptcy. It was the best thing for me so I'm really glad I did did, I sought advice from CAB and stepchange first and they both recommended bankruptcy too. Just get your income/expenditure together and speak to someone get some advice and try to chose what's best for you. Good luck! 
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    Yes speak to citizens advice or step change. Dont bury your head in the sand seek help there is no shame in asking for help and finding out your options.  It will not be as bad as you think.  there is always a solution to every debt situation
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