Beard and Nose Trimmer

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edited 20 April 2020 at 11:18PM in I wanna buy-it or do-it
As I'm starting to look too much like a caveman at present, I need to take some action. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good beard, ear and nose trimmer? Links would be appreciated. 


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    Its not so much recommendations, its more like whats in stock as the majority have sold out.
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    Not sure there is something that does it all, but having owned several nose/ear trimmers all pretty rubbish and being of that age when your body curiously seems to think you need to be slowly suffocated by a fur-ball growing up your nose....
    I have this one from Philips and its in a different class, worth every penny, does ears and brows too. Has some comb attachments so at a push could do a bit of beard trimming too but I would get something different for that (I clean shave so don't know)

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