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I have two 'dormant' pension pots from long-ago previous jobs - roughly £30K with Scottish Widows and £7K with Standard Life. I'd like to combine these into one pot and transfer it to something 'green' (for me, that means not supporting fossil fuels). I don't want to manage the portfolio myself or anything like that, and I'm not intending on making regular contributions to this particular pot. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations/thoughts? I've had a look for a London-based IFA specialising in green/ethical pensions but a) nothing is jumping out at me, and b) I'm not sure they'd be interested in advising me on what I assume is a relatively small amount (to them, not to me!). Any thoughts gratefully received!


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    Hi Helen, what a great principle to want to follow up, something I've thought about but already being retired haven't got round to acting upon. I don't know if you are aware of Abundance. they are a fundraising platform for ethical and sustainable projects mostly centred around renewable energy projects and storage but other areas as well. Pensions are not their forte but they do have a link to a pension provider who are likely to practise in a similar manner but you would need to satisfy yourself that this is the case. Abundance have been in operation since 2012 although I was only introduced to them 18 months or so ago an have been impressed with their scruples and practises to date.
    They can be found at the following link should you wish to check them out, or just put Abundance Investments into any search engine. Hope this helps.

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