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POPLA update

We are putting all appeals received after 6 April on hold until things return to normal. If you want to appeal, you must register your appeal now as best you can. Motorists will be given extra time to submit their full appeal later. Full details on FAQ page.


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    Will the PPCs put the cases on hold, or will they desperately ship them out to debt beggars to harass and twist the arms of the vulnerable, frightened and traumatised into coughing up, in an attempt to prevent them and their masters going into bankruptcy?

    We need to be ready to respond. 
    Please note, we are not a legal advice forum. I personally don't get involved in critiquing court case Defences/Witness Statements, so unable to help on that front. Please don't ask. .
    I provide only my personal opinion, it is not a legal opinion, it is simply a personal one. I am not a lawyer.
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    this will end up as bad as the WRIGHT HASSELL debacle a few years ago, trust me
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    Thanks for this post. Good to know as I've almost finished writing up my apppeal. I'll expect a few debt collector letters instead lol. Will be good for wiping my bum if I'm short on toilet paper!
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    Just bumping this so people at POPLA stage can take their time right now (April 2020) and put in a holding appeal.
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    I think everyone should add at the bottom of their POPLA appeal, this:

    NB: Due to the coronavirus lockdown stresses and issues, this is a work in progress.   As directed by POPLA on your FAQS page, I  have registered my appeal now as best I can.   I note that appellants will be given extra time to submit their full appeal later and I await POPLA's response telling me when and how I can do this.
    Thanks for this, I'm just finishing my appeal off now and will include this at the bottom. 

    I've just found out that the BPA grace periods were removed this year (2020)! this was my second point of appeal based on the newbies info thread. Will this be added there as i never came accross this information when starting my appeal homework? 
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    Blooming heck that's good.
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