Swapping FIT/Export from Bulb to Octopus

Hi all

We have a 3kW array that was installed a few years ago. Current generation payment is somewhere around 17p per kwh and export payment 5p.
We are currently with Bulb for Gas/Electric and FIT/Export. The way we have our account setup means our FIT Generation/Export payments go as credit onto our gas/electric bill leaving us with a very small monthly payment for gas/electric.

We export far more than we use, and definitely more than 50%. Have been considering swapping to Outgoing Octopus as we have smart meters but have a few questions.

1. Can Octopus apply our Generation/Export payments directly to our gas/electric account. We like this way of working as it reduces monthly outgoings.
2. If, for some reason, we decide we want to move back from Outgoing Octopus to deemed export. Is this possible in the future?

Thanks all in advance. 


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    I've been discussing a switch to Octopus over the last few days and they've been very responsive and helpful. I'd like to suggest you make enquiries directly with them as they are best placed to answer your questions.
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    If you are basing calculations on moving to a tou tariff (agile/go) id personally hold off.

    I started the process 2 months ago, but with the covid issue, I've ended up on the standard tariff which is 3p/kwh electric more than bulb.
    And who knows when I'll get my smart meters changed
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