Best ever solar generation for March

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Do you have solar panels in the UK? How did your data compare for March 2020? 
March for us (South East England) was significantly higher than previous years with 330kWh produced compared to an average of 270kWh over the last 8 years so over 20% above average. Quite handy as we're now working from home every day!
Full data is here if you want to see details
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    Same here.  
    My expected generation is 394kWh. 2020 is the first year my system has achieved that coming in at 431kWh, so almost 10% ahead of the expected total.  
    The 6 earlier years average 345kWh, though that was dragged down by 2018 which was dismal at 267kWh.  If you exclude 2018 then the average is 360kWh, so yes, March 2020 was exceptional to say the least.
    Wiltshire - 5.25kWp
    3.5kWp: 14 x Phono Solar 250 Onyx, Sunny Boy 4000TL, WSW 40 degrees, June 2013
    1.75kWp: 7 x Phono Solar 250 Onyx, Sunny Boy 1600TL, SSE 45 degrees, March 2014
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    I was 13% above pvgis for March this year.  2012 was better at 16% over
    NE Derbyshire.
    4kWp S Facing 17.5deg slope (dormer roof).
    BEV : Nissan Leaf e+
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    For some reason March is a poor month for us normally. We have been over PVGIS for the whole year every year except 2012 and 2017, both of which came in at 99%, so more months are over, rather than under. But Mch has been under its target of 364kWh every year except 373kWh in 2014 and 409kWh this year.
    Mart. Cardiff. 5.58 kWp PV systems (3.58 ESE & 2.0 WNW)

    For general PV advice please see the PV FAQ thread on the Green & Ethical Board.
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    We had our best March (out of 3 since our April 2017 installation) with 370kWh from our 3.42kWp array. I make that 130% of PVGIS.
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    Yes, it was the best ever March and 4kW ahead of 2019. Today, we are generating well but Octopus Agile is paying for us to use electricity between 10.30 and 16.00. 
    Solar installed 21 November 2014 > Centre of England > 3,780 Wp > 14 *270 Watt Trina panels > 14 * Enphase micro-inverters > managed by Enlighten Envoy Hub > 19° west of south > 35° pitch > tree shading to east > iBoost > Wattson Anywhere monitoring > Schneider Electric (Drayton) MiGenie smart thermostat.
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    March 2014 our best ever at 394 kWh... 2020 close at 387 kWh
    3.995kWP SSW facing. Commissioned 7 July 2011. 24 degree pitch + Solar Immersion installed May 2013, after two Solar Immersion lasting just over the guarantee period replaced with Solic 2000... no problems since
    13 Feb 2020 LUX AC 3600 and 3 X Pylon Tech 3.5 kW batteries added...
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