Financial order or Consent order?



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    Yes. We don't want anything doing. Just a document confirming that what we currently have will never be claimed by the other. 

    Anyway, thanks for the advice. I was getting confused about advice on how to do this without a solicitor but it makes more sense now that I know there are parts that MUST be done by a solicitor. 

    No problem, I have tried to be as clear that there 3 possible options to prevent future financial claims against you:
    1. Consent order by solicitor 
    2. Mediation followed by attendance at court 
    3. Your wife remarries

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    The money saving method is to draw up the agreement between you & your spouse, get it drafted by a professional and then each obtain independent legal advice before signing. 

    It doesn't guarantee a court will rubber stamp it - particularly if there were any children in the mix. But courts are more concerned that people are eyes wide open, than forcing their own views of fairness on couples. Which is why there is the step of independent legal advice
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    Cool. I asked a few soliticors and it seems the cheapest is around £600. I asked if they could just check the forms if we complete them ourselves but they all just offer the whole service. 
    Meh. Still cheaper than acrimonious divorce. I'm still not entirely sure I need it. I fully 100% trust my ex not to take money. I'm only doing it because people say it is the best thing to do. 

    Anyway, thanks all for the advice. Much appreciated. 
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    And if you win the lottery in a month's time?  You'll be glad you got the consent order drafted and signed before winning ... That's why you need it. You never know what's round the corner, and you cannot trust anybody, especially not an ex.
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