CBILS - Business Interruption Loan Scheme

Hi all, 

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section and please move if it is.

As a business recently turning over £201000 last year and on course to turn over in excess of £500000 in the next 12 months we have applied for the CBILS to see us through and maintain our current contracts and the new ones all signed up prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are also profitable and will run at 34% this coming year with stable clients and some good USP's so we are totally viable etc etc.

My question is, as part of the application we have offered the bank an option of good will from us to show our will to repay as quickly as possible to take a 1% fee from the invoices generated and on top of that to have access to 2% of our post tax net profits each yer on top of our regular repayments.

Can a bank like HSBC / Lloyds / Barclays accept these extra terms as form of repayment commitment? Obviously the repayments are standard and will be paid but i wanted to know if anyone has seen the main high street style lenders take a business up on this kind of thing outside of invoice financing? 


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