RBS reclaiming overdraft charges and interest

Hi all

Last night I spent some time looking through the last 6 year's statements and was shocked to total up the amount I have paid in charges. Not one month has passed when I haven't paid in excess of £25 interest for usage of my £2,000 student overdraft (now current account) plus £6 arranged overdraft fees and £6-£12 unarranged fees. I'm total it's in excess of £6,000. This is really disheartening given that my overdraft is only £2,000. Morally I find this wrong!! Basically every month I am paid, it's doesn't even cover my overdraft, therefore I'm always in the red.

I spoke to the bank who advised this was part of their terms and conditions and offered no financial advice to help me out of my struggles. My situation is I am continually I'm my overdraft every month and have recently been advised the interest rates are doubling with effect from April. I believe I have grounds for financial hardship. How can I get myself out of this? I found the bank very unhelpful. 

I also have unpaid fees also but where would I stand in terms of requesting refunds?

Any advice would be welcomed


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