Long dated passport application

Hi, so I picked up a passport application form last summer with every intention of going home, filling it out, and going back out again all in the same day to get it sent off.
I got as far as filling it out completely, so it has the date of when I picked it up last July on it! I even got new photos done and met with the person who is on the list of people who can countersign for them to do that for me that day too!
Fast forward to today and it's still in my paperwork pile!
Will it still be ok to send off or should the date be recent? Can't find any answers anywhere else. I wouldn't have thought it would matter too much. So long as it's all filled out correctly and I'm not committing any kind of fraud, they may just ask casually why I left it so long if they ask to interview me about my application, right?


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