Imminent wedding: Do we final balance?

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 Getting married start of May, wedding in a church, reception in a hotel.  90 day guests, 120 evening guests.  

We have emerald cover insurance with Debenhams. They confirmed this will cover us if government, local authority or venue cancel due to an outbreak but there are lots of disclaimers/exclusions.....for example we’re not covered if public gatherings of over 50 are prohibited even though we’d have to somehow unitive half the guests  .....Or if florist/photographer/band contracts disease one week before we would not be reimbursed their fee as it’s deemed sufficient time to find another supplier.  We are covered if ourselves, parents or siblings contract disease and we need to cancel.

we've already paid around £3,000 in deposits for venue, suppliers etc and in the next fortnight need to pay off the final sum to suppliers which is around £10,000.

I'm getting worried about paying the final balance in case something happens which isn't covered by the insurance. But if we choose withhold or delay payment there’s a number of issues.... insurance is invalid, we loose the venue/service of the suppliers which would cause issue if wedding can go ahead and also, all of the deposits already made would be lost.  All of which would be gutting if wedding can actually go ahead as planned.

Just wondering what people’s thoughts are and if anyone is in the same position?


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    If your contract states final payment is due on XXX date then it's unlikely that they will not take you to court for non payment .

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