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Jonah01Jonah01 Forumite
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Hi guys,
Got a new motor on 9th March. MOT ran out on the 5th on the old one and insurance got moved to the new car on the 9th.
I was intending to get it scrapped straight away but hadn't got round to it so have just declared the car SORN until I sort out where to scrap it.

Obviously this means the old car didn't have insurance or an MOT for a week. Do DVLA give you some grace period for their automatic fines? Obviously noone has driven the car.



  • Car_54Car_54 Forumite
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    MOT doesn't matter, insurance might. Next time, speak to your insurer. They may cover both cars for a few days for little or no cost.
  • AdrianCAdrianC Forumite
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    Is it parked on your private land? If it's on the road, then whether it's been driven or not is irrelevant - it has to have all three, tax/insurance/test.

    For a week between the expiry of the insurance and the cancellation of tax/declaration of SORN, I doubt you'll have a problem.
  • Jonah01Jonah01 Forumite
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    Thanks. It has just been sitting on my drive.

    Hopefully will be ok. I did read they send out a reminder before they fine you anyway.
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