Top 10 PC games

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    I jump between PC and console fairly often. My top 10 PC games may not be exclusive to PC. There are other immensely great games but I haven't included any that I actually played solely on console. In no particular order:

    Planet Coaster
    World of Warcraft
    Theme Hospital
    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 
    The Sims (1)
    GTA V
    Broken Sword
    Diablo III
    Age of Empires 2

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    Icarus01 said:
    1= Deus Ex / Deus Ex: HR (I've played the series every October since release, except Mankind Divided because I hated it with a passion. It's something I originally did with my dad back in 2000, and I can't separate these two)
    2. Fallout 2
    3. System Shock 2
    4. Fallout: NV
    5. Max Payne 2
    6. Civilization 4
    7. Half Life 2
    8. Diablo
    9. Supreme Commander 2
    10. Total War: Shogun 2
    yo same choice bro..i might add pubg pc in it..
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