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    You're making good progress - keep it up. 
    Target 1) Debt free April 22 Target 2) Lose weight & get fit (started) 3) Write regularly 41426/70000 words Book 2 4) Develop passive income streams 5) Get to £3K EF (at £2.2K June 22) 6) Declutter 7) MFW starting at £201999 Nov 21 with 264 258 payments to go. Now £197487. 8) Mortgage neutral progress (via private pension starting value c£3643 Nov 21) extra payments £312 including tax relief
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    Hi Applewood

    Reading your diary with interest. You're totally rocking it! Well done. I'm in a similar situation to you and you've inspired me. I'm aiming for a £100 Max spend on food in March - the freezer contains more than enough food to sustain me for 31 days!! 
    Good luck
    £5,000/£5,400 0% cleared - Credit Card at 0%:T
    £8,875/£0 100% cleared on 10-03-2020
    £96,000/£68,654 28.48% cleared MFD: 05/2042
    March Grocery Challenge £100 - £190.61 spent so far - Covid19 prep!!
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    Thanks all! I appreciate the comments as it helps me to feel like I'm not just talking to myself!  :D 
    Timpanum - you can definitely do it! March won't be that month for me unfortunately - I've got a few events this month where I'll be expected to buy food e.g. meals out. But I think April will be doable for me, so looking forward to that.
    Update on the car insurance - no difference in quotes from my renewal quote (well, not much anyway!). I'm annoyed about that as my renewal quote is up £45 on last year - argh! I am going to phone them during this week to see if I can at least get it down to what it was this year. Frustrating! Cars are so expensive but needs must. 
    Happy Tuesday all - I'm off for raid the freezer to find something to eat :)

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    Hi Applewood.  Have you gone through a cash back site for your car insurance renewal?  Some of the cash back offers are good and might off set the higher cost of renewal 
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    Blackcats - I did use Topcashback. There was some good offers on there but all the quotes were much more expensive than my renewal so the cashback didn't offset it :( I'm going to do one or two more searches again tomorrow and see if anything comes up different using one of the cashback links. I'll report back!
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    I find this very inspiring! 
    CC £4,012 left to pay (was £5400).
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    Yay! I'm glad it's helpful for people :) I was also inspired by the threads on these boards so that makes me feel good. It's been a cheap weekend and I'm happy to report it. I've had a pain in my neck for the last few days so I've just been taking it easy and as a result haven't spent much money. Yesterday I had to go to the shops (home Bs and L!dl) and spent £30 on some food bits and some day to day stuff that I was actually OUT of! This is big for me. In a previous life I would just mindlessly pick stuff up that I used because I knew I'd need it at some point whereas now I keep a note on my phone of things I will need to get when I RUN OUT - and when the note is done I go to the shop and make the purchase in a single go. I know, revolutionary. Anyway, it is a win for me because it helps me to control my spending, use what I have and not mindlessly pick stuff up.
    When I was in home Bs I found it a  bit depressing - they were mega low on toilet paper and other essentials and I was reading about how stockpiling such things only really has the negative effect of ensuring the poorest people in society have less access to basics and those with disabilities or other limitations go without. The moral of the story.... do not stockpile unless absolutely necessary! 

    Anyway, hope everyone has had a good weekend. I'll update later in the week :]

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    Feel like I can't update here without meaning the dreaded C word (makes a change from that being "Christmas" I suppose!) but feel like I don't want to mention it because I kind of want this diary to be an escape - or enjoyable - to maintain. Talking about the current situation is causing me a lot of fear and stress and I'm sure it's the same for the majority of us.

    I will say my work has instructed that we work from home indefinitely which I'm thankful for. It's good for saving money too so that's something positive in the immediate future. 

    Hope everyone is safe and smart with their health (and their loved ones). Be well all x
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    Take care, keep looking for the positives, and like everything else this too will pass. X
    I Believe.....
    That it isn't always enough, to be forgiven by others.
    Sometimes, you have to learn to forgive yourself.

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery
    Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present.

    happiness isn't achieved by getting extra things,
    but by getting rid of the things that make you unhappy
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    Firstly, thank you Chrystal, I appreciate that.
    Hope anyone reading is safe and well and that the horrendous situation we're all in just now is over sooner rather than later. I've been uninspired to update this diary because I feel like I've got nothing positive to contribute. My job is secure which is good (and I'm getting my pay rise in April) but honestly, I feel like I can't enjoy that because so many people are unsure about their jobs, have lost their jobs or have reduced hours / pay. It just seems fickle to celebrate it so that's the last I'll say on the matter.
    I do plan to do an end of month round up post in the next week or so but generally so far it's been an OK months spending wise. Due to the covid situation, I've saved money on commuting and petrol but spent more on food and things to keep entertained - I bought a new tablet so that I could conference call with my friends (which has been great), so no regrets! 

    Otherwise, I've been staying in and not spending money. Nothing else for now..... stay safe one and all.  

    A xx 
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