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Mobile operators Three and O2 are set to increase prices by 2.7% for pay-monthly mobile customers, can reveal...

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'Three and O2 pay-monthly mobile customers set for 2.7% price rise'
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  • minislimminislim Forumite
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    contract ends in june. so i'll just have to grin and bare it for a month and but then it'll be bye bye to three! should've honored that cashback you promised!
  • Why are the rpi increases acceptable and legal? When other locked in contracts like car insurance and loans and mortgages dont move?
  • Frozen_up_northFrozen_up_north Forumite
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    These increases are included in the terms and conditions, they shouldn’t come as a surprise. In the case of the Three 12 month £20/month unlimited data and calls SIM only contract (on offer late in 2018), this increased to £20.50 last year and it will rise to £21 this year.

    The “incentive” is to take their current offer of £18/month for the same unlimited SIM (offer in Three shop today)... however, the catch is that the offer is for a 24 month contract!
  • Kilroy62Kilroy62 Forumite
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    Prices should be fixed and marketed so that RPI is built in at the beginning not increased later. OFCOM should be more consumer focused. Perhaps its time to elect MPs who will campaign for regulators that actually look after individual consumers
  • stragglebodstragglebod Forumite
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    So you want your phone bill to cost more right from the start, not just from the next RPI review? This is money saving how exactly?
  • hardleyouthhardleyouth Forumite
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    I literally just signed up to a 24 month plan with EE last month, it seems starkly unfair that they hike the price in month 2 of 24!  I opened the contract due to a supposed offer - do the telcos make these offers at the beginning of the year with this March/April price rise in mind...!?
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