Is there such a thing as a “craft” career?

I sadly chose some limited options in the past when studying when younger which were 95% art based.

i work nights till midnight since having to give up my FT job after giving birth and hubs works days starting at 5am and baby is up at 430 so - yeh! Little sleep for mummy but we need the money and can’t afford childcare nor do we have any friends or family help.

just curious but is there such a thing as a “successful” arts and crafts career? And by successful, I mean living comfortably- minimum wage upwards.


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    It is a crowded market full of lifestyle businesses run by people who make a pittance but you probably know that.

    It depends on the craft that you are doing.  If you find a niche that very few people are in, then you might be OK.  Also if you are very well trained in a certain craft and are very good at it, you might be able to compete with the amateurs and the lifestyle businesses.

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