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  • Ooh what is porridge bread please GTQ? Do you make it yourself, does it count as a HEB? And is it nice?? 
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    I use it as HEB, so measure, but if you want to make it for family, it is nice and something different. Just empty a tub of FF natural yoghurt into bowl, then wash tub & fill it twice with the porridge, mix with the yoghurt & some baking, and and egg, then bung in oven. As there is only me, this is obviously far too much as I would be more than tempted to eat more than my allowance, so measure the porridge and just add the yoghurt and some egg & bake in a mini loaf tin. Looks alot, but all allowed.
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    I'd forgotten all about Long Tall Sally until you mentioned it tete. That's a shop I miss since it's all gone online.
    It's wet and blustery and generally miserable here AGAIN. :angry: 
    I'm having three good days but on Thursday we're out for the day so food will be a bit out of my control. I'm still feeling fairly slim but I seem to have done a lot of estimating of syns these past few weeks so not sure how well in range I am. We've planned a few days away too for next month so it's not going to improve any time soon. I'll just keep plodding. :smile: 
    Today's EE plan- 
    B- NAS grapefruit, skinny syrup, half banana (F), HEB porage with HEA milk
    L- ham (P), 2 fried potatoes (F), fried veg and pickled cabbage (S)
    D- baked salmon (P), SW chips (F), cauli steak, mushrooms, tomatoes, green stuff (S)
     Syns- 0
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    Vegastare said:
    Morning  all
    Chieveley thanks for adding me to chart. 
    Bubb have some cousous in so will try that for scotch egg coating, thank you again.  Lasagne looked delicious
    Another wet windy day....
    Looked at Tracker bars - in Sains they were £1 if you had nectar card, didn't get them though as it said they had 112 cals per bar, and I decided to go for the Alpen Light, sometimes I find these bars very sweet so thought I'd stick with what I like.
    B weetabix berries and yog
    L Lentil veg soup and Frylight garlic bread followed by fruit
    D Chicken breast sliced on pasta with Laughing cow sauce .
    HEA Milk
    HEB Bread
    Syn will be cheese LCow lite and Alpen Light tsp butter.

    If you have weetabix and bread, that is two Heb’s I’m afraid. You might have to use more syns than you’d planned - Sorry x
    Ooops and today I had 2 weetabix - sometimes if having sliced apple on top only have one.
    Thank you for pointing it out .....hoping to stay focused this week 
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    The porridge bread sounds similar to the baked oats except that you put sweetener in that!  Might give it go as a bread substitute at some stage!

  • Ooh yes it sounds somewhere between bread and a cake - thanks for the recipe GTQ!

    I didn't realise LTS was all online now Maman - there was never one anywhere near me anyway. It was the only place I could get school trousers to fit back in the 90s but lately I've only really gone there for tights... until I discovered Snag which are just as good and half the price. 

    Today's plan is:
    B - Muller light (0.5), banana, apple
    D - Pasta with pesto (2), bacon, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes
    T - SW banana pancakes (4) - not sure what topping yet!
    HEA - Milk
    HEB - Almonds
    Syns - As above (6.5), sugar (4), probably Nutella on my pancakes let's be honest... it's going to be more than 15!

    After buying The Green Roasting Tin book yesterday I made the snap decision that I'm going to try going veggie for Lent (not religious, just like a challenge). So I need to do a bit of thinking and planning today! If you've not come across the Roasting Tin books I highly recommend them, they're really easy to adapt to SW and so so so tasty! 

    Have a good day all! 
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    Tete & Maman - I have the opposite problem with tights -they're always too long for my little legs!  I've virtually given up on tights!  I just wear trousers almost all the time with socks.  Socks definitely last longer than tights too, LOL!

    I've got that cook book Tete but haven't actually cooke anything from it yet.  Really must give it another look, but it'll be after my holiday now though as I've already done my meal plan up until we go away.

    Today's plan:

    B - veggie omelette - eggs; pepper, spring onions, tomatoes, mushrooms - P; S
    L - meeting friend for lunch so will probably go to Wetherspoons - will either have steak, jacket, peas & mushrooms or jacket and beans
    D - Low fat sausages; new potatoes, green beans, Brussels - F; S; 2

    HEA - milk
    HEB - none planned
    Syns - sausages 2

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    Just have to share ..... have  had porridge pancakes topped with blueberries and yoghurt.....they were delicious.
    Just made 2 american size and have enough I think for one more.  I just used 100ml milk topped up with water and whizzed up and left to swell in fridge, did add a drop of my maple walnut skinny syrup to mix to sweetand it turned out lovely.  
    1 egg .40gr porridge oats,120ml milk a pinch salt and a drop skinny syrup, whizzed to mulch and leave to rest 30mins.
    B,  2 small pancakes blues and yog
    L. bacon scrabbled egg toms and mushrooms
    D,  Grilled haddock SW homemade chips, asparagus and mushy peas.
    HEA Milk
    HEB oats
    somewhere will have my extra pancake with berries and yog.
    Syn might be Alpen light and as I have 250ml milk left so might need to use a drop more. 
    Question again :)am I right that B.O.B milk is 350ml - not something I used before, but Sainsbury have stopped selling 1% in my store so got this to try, it's quite a bit pricey than 1% - but will revert back to 1% when I can get it.
    Enjoy pancake day and Tete good luck with veggie for Lent, there are so many great options now,   Maybe I should try dry weekends for Lent.
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    The BoB milk is 300 mls for a HEA vegastare. I like it, as it does genuinely taste like semi skimmed, but you're right it is pricey. The price has gone up a lot in the past year. At the moment it's on offer in my little Co-op but that might not be a national thing. I have two little Co-ops, one at each end of my road but they belong to different companies so one sells it and one doesn't! I still buy it when I can but not so fussy since we have 2 HEAs a day which I rarely use.

    I really don't like wearing tights denise, especially sheer ones. I'm much happier in leggings or jeans with socks. But I wear skirts a lot for dancing and so at this time of the year I don't have much choice. Roll on the summer when tights aren't needed! :smile: 
    It is bright and sunny here today though so not complaining. :smile:

    Today's EE plan-
    B- NAS grapefruit, baked beans (F), fried egg (P), HEB toast, HEA milk
    L- ham (P), LO veg and pickles (S)
    D- chicken casserole (P,S,F) with cauli, broccoli and cabbage (S)
    Syns- 1 for cornflour 
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    Had a lovely lunch and chat with my friend.  We went to Wetherspoons as I suspected and I had the steak meal - Tuesday's are a good choice for Wetherspoons being steak meal day - steak meal plus drink for £9.05!  I only had tea as I was driving but could have had a glass or wine or a G&T if I hadn't been for the same price.

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