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Online Entries For Licensed NFP Raffle

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cottladcottlad Forumite
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I run a local Facebook group and have offered assistance to a local not for profit organization with marketing and sales.  They currently are allowed to run a monthly raffle with no more than 500 entries.  50% cash prizes and 50% used by the NFP Org.  They currently run it as monthly £4 DD or annual £48 subscription paid by bank transfer.  I'm looking into the possibility of allowing people to enter as a 1 off for £4 but want an easy method for donating the fee to the orgs. bank account.  Something that will provide easy accountability and identification of entrants.  I thought Paypal would be the obvious route but don't know if this is feasible?  Any ideas welcomed, I would love to take the current 250ish entrants to the maximum 500 with the help from my local community group but think it needs streamlining from its current format.



  • cottladcottlad Forumite
    93 posts
    Ninth Anniversary 10 Posts
    Been slowly looking into this.  Am wondering if an online shop may be the best way forward?  Shop is stocked with 500 items (tickets) per month and customers can come and buy as many as they like until 500 sold.  Would obviously be hosting costs and payment costs but doubt this would be close to the 10% online raffle hosting companies require.
    Any other ideas or comments welcomed
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