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Early menopause

I am 45 and I am experiencing early menopause symptoms, hot sweats I dislike already, lack of energy, increased appetite and I also feel a little more sensitive and emotional.
I have not been given anything by my GP as she wants me to go a couple of months to see how I feel, which at the moment I am fine with.
Just after some advice on self help, apps or social media groups for those also going through this.
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  • Dotty76Dotty76 Forumite
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    Oh my current favourite topic. check out menopausedoctor and menopausematters websites. I will go though my personal links when I get home from work and post more info. 
  • Penny_WatcherPenny_Watcher Forumite
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    I'm not a doctor (or any kind of medical professional for that matter) but I've recently started taking a black cohosh supplement and it has been transformative.  It took a week to 'kick in' though.   It might very well be the placebo effect, but the hot sweats are reduced and I'm sleeping better. Like I say, it may well be just the placebo effect, but it's working for me. 

    You cannot live as I have lived an not end up like me.

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  •  Be careful taking supplements if you have any health conditions. I know for epilepsy I can't take anything that would be taken for menopause. 
     Going through it myself now at 42  :'(
  • CapricornLassCapricornLass Forumite
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    I think that there is a lot that you can do by just generally taking good care of your health as much as you can, eating properly getting enough sleep and being active - walking for half an hour every day will help.  With regards to the hot flushes, I found that wearing natural fibres helped, and also having layers that can be easily taken off such as cardigans, or a gilet. 
    WRT suppliments, some of my firends found that drinking soya milk helped them.  I would also ask your doctor about  taking calcium tablets, particularly if you aren't one for drinking milk or eating dairy.  Osteoporosis isn't funny, but if your menoause is early then you are at greater risk of developing it.

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  • maisie_catmaisie_cat Forumite
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    I went through this 7 years ago and found that eating healthier, including using soy products helped. I do still get hot and wear layers to manage it. The trouble sleeping I've just got used to, taking warm milk to bed also helps me. The most frustrating thing is memory related, drives me nuts that I cannot remember words. My doctor wouldn't prescribe HRT, and I think I'm glad because I don't really want to be reliant on drugs if I can help it.
  • madlynmadlyn Forumite
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    Thanks for all the advice.
    I could do with looking at my diet, I am not a big fruit and veg eater, I am not a big drinker either.
    I also have a dog so get out with her every day.
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  • FabFiftyFabFifty Forumite
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    Black Cohosh definitely helped me with hot sweats - I would buy enough for about six months and when the supply finished wait a few days to see if it had stopped before buying the next batch. Wear layers. Make sure you get enough sleep. Don't worry about saying 'no' to people if you haven't got the inspiration or energy. Look at your diet and consider seriously whether or not it's healthy, but don't beat yourself up if you have a 'chocolate day'!  Accept that 'brain fade' is just another symptom - try not to feel embarrassed (people got used to me referring to a 'menopause moment'!).
  • SocajamSocajam Forumite
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    I agree with all those who suggest exercise and looking at your diet - these two are extremely important.
    For me, I really checked my diet, low salt, sugar, no junk, no soda.  I had given up eating meat/chicken in 1989 - when I was in my 30s - menopause came in my late 50s.  Not sure if that was a help .
    I took up walking every day, rain or shine - 6 - 8 miles Monday thru Friday and 10 -12 miles Saturday and Sunday - that was my saving grace.
    I would also check that you have getting enough vitamin D as this might affect you.  My vitamin D was extremely low  years after menopause - once my doctor prescribed 2000 iu, it was like night and day - like fog was removed from my brain.
    Also take a couple of hours or a day to yourself. So what if the house is not tidy, your mental health is far more important
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    Green_hopefulGreen_hopeful Forumite
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    I found I had lots of random symptoms that I didn’t realise were related but the hormones you are losing do lots of useful things for your body. I found any damage such as cuts took ages to get better and I had lots of trouble with a dry mouth. The memory loss was absolutely terrible. It was only a couple of years after my last period that I went on HRT and the symptoms got better and I realised what had been happening. The hot sweats etc had already stopped by then. I had a gap in my HRT due to the supply issues and the memory loss came straight back. 
  • madlynmadlyn Forumite
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    I have also noticed cuts and bruises take longer to heal but also happen easier.
    I also ache a lot, thinking of starting to do a bit of yoga or pilates at home.

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