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Hi, I had a direct debit set up to clear the whole balance of my credit card and then one day it bounced. I had already spent the balance on that card as I get airmiles on it before the direct debit bounced meaning the balance doubled and took my twice as much over my limit.
I have been paying off the over limit balance but I keep getting charged £12 every month overlimit fee. Is there any way to get this refunded?


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    Are you saying you've been charged the over limit fee even for a statement period in which your balance hasn't exceeded your limit (bearing in mind that such charges will typically be levied in arrears)?
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    Paying off only just the overlimit amount won't be enough if you're still spending, or if interest will be added on the next statement.

    Try and get a few quid more into there, like a manual extra payment.

    If you ring up apologetically and ask them to explain it to you, there might be a chance of them waiving it on a goodwill basis, but usually only the first time.
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    It sounds as if you have not cleared the balance that was remaining as a result of the DD bouncing. You need to make a manual payment to catch up and within a couple of billing cycles the over limit and interest charges will disappear.

    You will be unlikely to get a refund of the over limit charges if you have allowed this to carry on for several months.
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    You will only get a over limit fee for any statement period you are over your limit.

    So how many months has this been going on?

    Can't believe that they will let you keep going over limit for more than a couple of months before blocking cards.
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