Financing/loan options for moving in costs for a graduate with a secured job?

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    Many thanks for the answers.

    I don’t know why you’d assume I did not plan anything out - I have already worked part time and full time positions to pay for my academic/living expenses up to the postgraduate level, and I did indeed have everything planned out - I can ask family for support, but I do not wish to milk their finances out as many graduates tend to do, hence why I am asking about funding (there are indeed ways like Future Finance but those I assume are payday loans) and I assume that was pretty obvious since it’s in the loan thread section! :)

    I apologise for vagueness, but just because I am asking for better funding options does not mean I jumped into a job opportunity head first and no plans. Maybe my mistake for not being specific enough but then again I did mention in it the first post. In terms of deferring - I am afraid it’s not an option, quite a technical position in a company with very competitive entry.

    Thank you for those who did reply that there might not be funding options and shared their experience - very understandable and answers my question, probably family support is the best option for now! Thanks again.

    Edit: academic studies are technically until October, which could free up my time in the summer, albeit slightly.
  • Sorry for double posting, but I also posted this at another forum and thought it’d be interesting to share an answer in case someone is going to stumble upon this thread looking for similar solutions:

    “Advance of salary or loan from employer.
    Bank loan from current bank if good record+ proof of employment and salary from employer + change to graduate account.“

    Please feel free to correct this if it’s wrong, thanks.
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    Hey. It might be worth asking your future employer about a relocation package. They may be willing to lend you money to relocate or even have budget to put you in a hotel until you're paid. Hope that helps
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