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Ovo Energy has agreed to pay £8.9 million after issuing inaccurate or incomplete information to 100,000s of customers, and for under and overcharging customers due to IT issues...
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'Ovo Energy to pay £8.9 million after overcharging customers and sending wrong info'
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    The recent action against Ovo and Utility Warehouse highlights the advantages for customers of reporting this kind of maladministration by energy suppliers directly to the regulator.

    The sooner the regulator is made aware of the situation, the sooner the slow process of redress can begin.

    If your supplier is failing to observe its licence conditions then, as well as starting their complaints procedure, you can, and probably should, report it directly to <Ofgem> at :-

    [email protected]
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    Except Utility Warehouse self reported - it was not a customer contacting Ofgem that triggered it.

    Your point remains though. Certainly worth checking your bills if you think any of these issues might affect you.
  • Any supplier worth their salt would self-report and try to fix the issues asap (such as Utility Warehouse).

    You had iSupply a month or so ago being found out because of a whistleblower.

    The issues that have been picked up in Utility Warehouse and iSupply's cases are ones which consumers were unlikely to spot themselves. Partly due to the amount of money involved being in the low £'s for the majority of customers.
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