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Is my PPI refund calculation correct?

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    Or you could replace the the relevant figures in this explanation if you really think it's wrong.

    PPI compensation was originally supposed to put you back in a position if PPI charges had not been applied.
    So can the so called experts who have been on this forum daily for the last 5 years explain why if the
    credit card companies charged monthly COMPOUND interest then please explain why PPI refund
    calculations do not include COMPOUND interest ?
  • MoneyineptitudeMoneyineptitude
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    brown1950 wrote: »
    please explain why PPI refund calculations do not include COMPOUND interest ?
    Explained to you several times already over the years, most recently on this thread from July 2019..
  • BermoniaBermonia
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    The calculation of redress of PPI on credit cards is a defined process - which has been made clear by the ombudsman on numerous occasions as certainly used to be available on their website.

    Furthermore, this has been explained over and over with you before... like a number of other FACTS that you simply are unable accept, or perhaps fail to be able to grasp
  • -taff-taff
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    brown1950 wrote: »
    Would be nice however if somebody with the 'knowledge' could provide a proper answer to my question ?

    Tell you what, go do some research and tell us why we're wrong and you're right. That should keep you out of trouble for a bit.
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