Alcoholic Drinks at party

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I'm organising a 50th Birthday party for my girlfriend. It going to be at my house, about 100 people. Can anyone suggest a cheap method of purchasing the Alcohol (driving to France not an option)? its mainly wine and beer (not cans and reasonable stuff). I had thought about getting Kegs but when you factor in equiptment and delivery the per litre costs creep up & glasses are required. Supermarket delivery is another option but maybe someone has done this before and has some good ideas? Cheers


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    Majestic do free delivery over £150, free glass loan, and can arrange ice and chiller bin hire. They also do Sale and Return on all wine and un-split cases of beer or cider.

    If you want reasonable beer in bottles try a local brewery. Cask Ale can be dispensed from the cask without pressure and with minimal cooling if you have a cool location or cooling mat.

    If you're in the South of England keg equipment hire is £65+VAT and a keg about £150+VAT from here whcih works out about £3.50 a pint (of Fosters, but per pint better lagers aren't much more per keg)

    This being MSE of course the answer is tell the guests to bring a bottle.
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    You can get 5L kegs from supermarkets. I believe you don't need an additional tap for them.

    You'll need glasses for wine anyway, unless you drink from plastic ones - which aren't as environmentally friendly, but are cheaper.

    For wine - try Aldi, they have some good wines for a reasonable price. Or take advantage of the wine delivery services - usually they have a 40% off offer to join their 'wine club', which you can cancel before the first month. See if you can get a voucher code for Virgin, Majestic or Laithwaites.
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