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PCN / Britannia Parking & BW Legal



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    Brilliant to read that she allowed some LiP costs too, for unreasonable conduct by the Claimant. And this is the second one last week (the first was the Reading case of Icicle Boy where beamerguy went along to assist/watch) where the Britannia landowner contract was in a different company name than who issued the PCN:

    Tell me, did paralegal Jackson Yamba, sign the WS for BW Legal AND did he do the same as in Icicle Boy's case, and if he did, can you send me a pm as I want to include it in a complaint to the SRA about BW Legal:

    Did BW Legal show the letters like that in your case, too?

    If so, send me a pm please to include your case in the formal SRA complaint.

    Yes, the judge was absolutely brilliant.

    Britannia have until this Friday (24th) to pay my costs. I have still not received the report from BW Legal and not heard anything regarding the payment. I assume they will send a cheque in the post.

    The documents from BW Legal were signed by a Michelle Miller.
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    Just read your court report and brilliant, well done.

    This was pretty much the same in the Reading case.

    It is difficult to understand why a so called legal, BWLegal, failed to spot the difference between two entities and be stupid enough to sign a statement of truth ....... which was a complete lie ?
    Such a poor schoolboy error by both Jackson Yamba and Michelle Miller.

    Whilst I think Britannia are a complete disgrace, one can only assume they are very disappointed with this incompetent legal who again failed to understand what an entity really is

    As I understand that a formal complaint is being tendered to the SRA about BWLegal, we will be interested to see the result.

    Next step up will be The Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP, who is the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

    There should be an inquiry at government level about these incompetent legals who roam around the county courts with fake claims
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