Love to shop but hate the debt

As the title suggests this is my downfall. Having stumbled across this site by accident ( I still can't remember what i was looking for) I started reading some of the diaries and it was from reading those that I realised I do have a problem. I always thought everyone had debt although it was one of those things that people never discussed, clearly I was wrong! I've now decided that I would like to try the other way of living and become debt free. Looking at my finances if I do not get into any more debt and I do not increase my payments etc I will be debt free in 7 years. However, having read other diaries I want to be free from debt sooner rather than later. My main problem is my spending, I genuinely have a problem. I just love to shop and it doesn't matter what it is I'm buying. I can convince myself I need whatever random item I see and until I buy it I can't stop thinking about it. Needless to say, I have a house full of non essential purchases. I get deliveries most days of the week and most of the time I can't remember what I've ordered and a lot of the time I don't even bother opening them. I've tried to address this by cancelling my subscription on the rainforest namesake website. The progress I've made this month I think has been due to reading other people's diaries as it has kept my focus. So far, I've only made one 6 online purchases and 4 trips to the shops which is really good going for me. My ultimate aim is to be in the other club by 2025 and hopefully to have bought a house by the end of 2025. Thanks for reading


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    Have you read Foxgloves' diary? She writes about the spendy decades and now shopping from home-an excellent and inspiring read.
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