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What paperwork to shred ?

edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving
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  • lewisalewisa
    301 posts
    I shred everything. I'm not rich enough to be a serious target for anyone other than random mass automated attempts at stealing from me such as phishing etc, but anyone can be a target.

    Whether you think it important or not seemingly innocuous letters from non-financial companies are useful to someone who is targeting you for social engineering purposes.
  • Mutton_GeoffMutton_Geoff
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    I use a Trodat Printy 4912 Self-Inking ID Protection Stamp to mask my NAD. Saves all that shredding.

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    All with a big thank you to Martin and from Mutton Geoff!
  • traineepensionertraineepensioner
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    We just use a bucket of soapy water to render paperwork illegible. We mix general address stuff with more confidential paperwork and give it a good soak & squeeze and then off to the recycle bin......
    No longer trainee :o
    Retired in 2012 (54) :)
    State pension due 2024 (66) :(
  • misspricemissprice
    3.7K posts
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    Oh I generally just burn it all. If it's too miserable to start burning stuff outside (or I like my neighbours) I shred or rip up and put in composter.
    But I do save it all until theres plenty to bother with.
    63 mortgage payments to go.

    Zero wins 2016 😥
  • edited 10 February at 10:15PM
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    edited 10 February at 10:15PM
    In general, you should shred any paper that contains name, date of birth, and any other personal information. Also, shredding bank statements, ATM receipts, credit card bills, tax forms, and licenses are also important as soon as you find all these documents unnecessary.

    7.9K posts
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    I also shred anything with my name and / or address on it.  Easier that way than sorting through to see what has confidential information in it and what doesn't.  The only problem I then have is that our local council won't take shredded paper for recycling so it goes in the landfill bin.
  • JackmydadJackmydad
    8.6K posts
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    I shred anything with name and address, and anything that would show who I do business with. 
    If they ain't got it, they can't find some way to use it.
  • MurmanskMurmansk
    238 posts
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    I have a weird pair of scissors that's actually five pairs of scissors joined together - I use it to butcher the name/address/account details on post I need to discard, it's easier than a shredder for the odd document as you don't need to shred the whole of a piece of A4 just the relevant bits. 
  • Paully28Paully28
    112 posts
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    I shred anything that i touch as the man can get my fingerprints from everything i touch and clone me. 
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