Age for applying for PIP

I'm not clear if I would be eligible for PIP due to my age. I'm 65 and due my state pension in March 2020. I have had terminal cancer for the last two years and whilst the initial prognosis was very poor, new drugs have extended my lifespan. My mobility isn't too good as the lesions are all in the spine and have had two collapsed vertebrae.

I probably should have applied when I first received the diagnosis but was just too ill. Unfortunately it took 6 months of steadily going downhill and 6 different GPs to get a referral to an oncologist.

Appreciate any clarification
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    You can apply for PIP up to state pension age. After that it’s Attendance Allowance and there is no mobility component to that so less help for you. The application rules are differently applied for anyone with a terminal illness for both benefits, you are processed much quicker. Please apply ASAP.
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