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Hi all,

My mate's getting married in Thailand later next year and there's 6 of us going out. Ideally I'd like to get us all on the same plane, and whilst that's fine in terms of the booking, I can't figure out how we can easily pay for this. I'll be booking in January so there's time.

Normally I'd pay for it and ask the money back from everyone later on but I don't have nearly enough cash to do that for everyone. I should ask for the money beforehand however I don't know how much the flights will cost. Does anyone have any ideas on how to tackle this or are we just going to have to be super co-ordinated and be flexible with how it's going to work? Because if so I imagine someone's getting left behind!



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    Based on the number of people who come on here with a problem because someone in their party has backed out/fallen out with someone/unable to travel due to unforeseen circumstances etc, I’d have thought it’s probably best if everyone books their own flights. That way they can pay how they want, sit where they want, book whatever extras they might want etc without any problems or affecting anyone else.
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    I would ask everyone to book their own flights, if someone pulls out of a group booking it can lead to many problems.

    Also book direct with the airline you are flying with. That way if any delays you are contacted direct and not relying on a third party agent.
  • eDickyeDicky Forumite
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    Keep it simple. Select your own flight and book it. Tell your mates what you've booked and your seat if chosen. They can join you or meet up in Thailand, everyone remains friends.
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    Agree with everyone else, everyone book their own.
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    I know this is a stupid question but if it's your mate getting married why are you worrying about paying/getting the money back for everyone else?

    Presumably they're old enough to sort their own tickets out. Mind you it would have to be a ruddy good mate for me to want to travel all that way for a wedding in the first place
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    Another vote for booking your own tickets - the stories of people falling out over stuff like this are everywhere.
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    ..and another.

    Book your own travel and just share the flight information with others so that they can either book on to the same flight, or they sort their own arrangements out.
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    Another vote for letting everybody book their own flight. If for no other reason than if something goes wrong you will get all the blame, but little in the way of thanks if it all goes smoothly.
    The only way I would be prepared to do all the bookings is if all the others paid in full before the booking was made, and understood that there would be no refunds if they pulled out.
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    I'm not familiar with the particular airline, but it might have a way of linking your booking with other peoples' bookings if you tell each other your booking numbers (called "PNR"s).

    This might encourage / enable the airline to seat you all together.

    +1 for booking your own seats only!
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