Trying to Book a UPS Collection

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I have been trying to book a ups collection via their website, I am registered with them and have put in all the relevant details.

It comes to the end bit to pay and it only gives me bill a third party and enter a shipping account number as the payment options, and yet I have added a credit card under my payment preferences.

Its driving me nuts as tried everything and cant get it booked,

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks



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    They do make it far more difficult than it should be!

    I sent something just before Christmas and ran into numerous problems. I ended up making the payment via Paypal after messing with credit cards. Even paypal does not go through as expected......The total is not charged, they charge for the basic delivery cost and then charge again for any extras such as insurance etc.

    The option to only deliver to the delivery address or something like that which has a small charge seems silly but is not so silly when they leave the parcel at another address such as a local delivery point. Therefore be aware of that because it might be relevant and you might regret not paying the charge so that they only deliver to the entered delivery address!
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