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    Good morning guys
    Well it’s the last day of another year and I must say this one has been a positive one. Both my sons now have bought their own homes, the eldest and his girlfriend are happily building their nest, so I live in hope of grandbabies soon.
    We’ve had a tiny flat totally renovated. I’m delighted with it. It’s like new.
    We’ve had a lovely Xmas and it’s now time to move on to the next year and see what that brings.
    The things I know are that I need to make the most of every penny, and every opportunity that arises. We’ve a cruise booked for March with another bit of the world we’ve not yet seen which still need to be paid for and the extra the renovations cost still needs clearing. I doubt there will be any overtime for some time to come so every meal will be frugal yet yummy. Also thought will be put into anything we buy. If we don’t need it or it can wait a while it can wait.
    Anyway enough for now
    Have a happy new year fellow frugallers
    May NSDs 10/16
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