TVs in other rooms have no channels anymore

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Hope someone could help.

We have a skybox in our living room. This has always been connected via aerial to skybox then a cable to TV. The RF output has another cable which goes out the wall and connects to all the other TVs in the house which we have always got terrestrial TV on, not interested in sky channels.

Our skybox conked out last week so we replaced it with another 2nd hand one. All the cables are connected up as previously, however now none of the TVs in the other rooms are tuning into any channels !! Nothing has changed so don't know why they've stopped picking up any channels?

Thank you


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    I vaguely remember something about changing the RF channel output.

    Try googling.
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    Seems the RF cables have not been connected up right or have been damaged when dis- and re-connecting.

    $ky box have RF in (aerial cable connects to this) and two RF outs. Either can be used for a TV or distribution system, but RF2 has ability to feed a magic eye for remote control by turning on a DC feed up the cable. Occasionally this is also used to feed power to a remote amplified splitter that feeds the other rooms. Without power that amplifier will block the signals. Browntoa has provided links on how to enable that.

    Also possible the box is faulty. Using a cable joiner to connect aerial cable to the "other cable" should make them work unless the box needs power from RF2 out?

    You'll need to provide details of the spltter box make/model for more accurate advice.
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    it's a very long time since i had anything to do with Sky, but I seem to remember to get any free to air channels without subscription you needed a card that we paid something around £20 for?

    Wrong, FTA was just that free. An FTV card adds about 5 channels for £25.

    However none of this is relevant to the OP's situation.
  • thanks for all your comments :) will have another look later but I don't think we have the sky remote with the box
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    Have you tried retuning the TVs in question?
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  • yes tried retuning the tvs. We have one in extension, one in kitchen and 2 more upstairs. These were connected via rf output from sky box - just want to receive normal TV not sky. All were working since changed faulty sky box. TV in extension now receives a lot of channels except BBC and the kitchen and upstairs receive none at all
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