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I have been a plusnet customer for several years now for phone & broadband. On 16th December I arranged with them by phone to buy BT Sport for use through my sky box. Previously I had an app on my laptop. So instead of paying for the two I asked if they could close down my app and start the viewing on sky, at the same time. They said I couldnt do that. They told me I would get a link sent by email within 48 hours to activate on my sky box. So I arranged to close viewing on the app in 48 hours.

Now a week has passed and Ican't get BT Sport at all. I have spent hours on the phone speaking to reps, none of whom seemed to have a clue about what to do. They leave me on the line to try and get some advice but nothing happens. They dont seem trained to deal with the problem at all. For some reason they can't send me the email link I need. I get other emails from them though and have an open ticket - for what thats worth.
I notice an article in the Telegraph to say PlusNet complaints have doubled recently. And they used to be top of the tree for customer service - goodness knows where they are now.


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    Try posting on their user forum, I had a similar problem when I ordered BT Sport on the Sky platform from them a few months ago, one of their staff who monitor the forums picked it up and it was sorted in a couple of days.
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    Been a while since I was a customer, but post on the forum and on their Fb page, one of them will pick it up and hopefully fix it for you.
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  • Thanks for the replies

    I have sent them 4 Direct Messages on twitter, posted on the User Forum & put a message on the open ticket I have with them

    Absolutely NOTHING from them
  • Perseverance paid off as have now come back to me via twitter. So tried 4 different platforms to get any action. BT Sport was then activated within a short space of time. Sounds like they need more staff to deal with customer service problems.
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