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Should they make me redundant

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DsharrisDsharris Forumite
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Hi all. I am lorry driver and I work for a company in Rainham Essex yet I live in Barnsley South Yorkshire. They were based in barnsley but relocated to essex and made everyone redundant but kept me on and pay for parking in barnsley. On Friday I park the lorry in Barnsley and then drive it down to Essex on the Monday , I do deliveries and collections on the way down, then through the week, and fridays I normally have deliveries in the north of England so I can then come home so the lorry is parked in Barnsley over the weekend and when ever I'm on holiday etc. I have been doing this for 11 years.My employer is now wanting to have the lorry parked in Rainham over the weekends and is expecting me to commute every week. This is a 194mile each way journey. I believe that this is an unreasonable change to my job and that they should make me redundant? Any help with this would be gratefully appreciated as I have a meeting with the boss on Monday


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