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Am I likely to get a refund

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Am I likely to get a refund

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emma.b.321emma.b.321 Forumite
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Hi, I recently booked a hotel using my Virgin Atlantic credit card which I am now looking to cancel at late notice. After speaking with some friends that have stayed there before and looking at recent TripAdvisor reviews, it doesn't sound like the hotel is in a fit state to be operating at all, with talk of mouldy rooms, soggy mattresses and bed bugs. However, I am now outside of the cancellation period which I agreed to at the time of booking. Would I have any rights for a refund? The hotel have not yet charged by credit card, however I assume they will be today as this is when I originally booked to check in.


  • zx81zx81 Forumite
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    No, you don't have any right to a refund.

    Only if you were to go and find that you were not provided with the agreed service could you request a chargeback/Section 75.
  • Edi81Edi81 Forumite
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    It’s your choice not to use the booking. As zx81 says you may have a chargeback /s75 if you stay there but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much for that.
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    Such a shame that you didn't talk to these friends and read the reviews before you booked the hotel.
    What conditions did you accept when you made the booking as regards cancellation policy? If your card has not yet been changed then probably you don't have any special rate and will be liable only for the no-show charge today..
    If instead of asking our advice you had telephoned the hotel before the cancellation deadline time you may have saved yourself being charged a no-show charge when you fail to turn up today.
  • chattychappychattychappy Forumite
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    I think the best way is to go ahead, but research some local alternatives of an equivalent standard. If the hotel is in such a terrible state, then move hotels having taken photos etc. You are then left with the possibility of a S75 claim for the extra costs involved.
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