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0% credit card on new purchases with high credit limit £10K

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0% credit card on new purchases with high credit limit £10K

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paulfromyorkpaulfromyork Forumite
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I'm furnishing a holiday home from top to bottom and I reckon I'll need to spend about £10K. It would be very convenient to make all purchases on a 0% credit card (new purchases), but I'm not sure many will offer such a high credit limit.
We have a very healthy joint income so that shouldn't be a limiting factor.
Anyone any ideas on which cards could be suitable? And ideally with cashback/rewards options given that we're spending so much.
All suggestions welcome, thanks!


  • NileNile Forumite, Board Guide
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  • maxximus75maxximus75 Forumite
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    There are some credit cards that give you an indication of your credit limit before you make a full application.

    Cards that come to mind that do this are Nationwide, RBS/Natwest, Halifax (or any of the Lloyds Banking Group. There will be many others.

    Make sure you get a true purchase card and read the conditions first as some cards have clauses such as; only purchases made in the first 60 days (MBNA) are 0%. Others are any purchases made throughout the 0% period.
  • moneywow1moneywow1 Forumite
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    What maxximus said. Also there's no reason you can't get more than one 0% card

    Barclaycard, Lloyds, TSB, Sainsburys, M&S off the top of my head all have long 0% rates
  • Nebulous2Nebulous2 Forumite
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    How many cards do you have already? What are their limits?

    £10k+ is not uncommon, but it will depend on the lenders assessment of your creditworthiness. How other lenders have assessed you will be a rough indicator of that.

    MBNA, Barclaycard and Virgin are amongst the most generous lenders. As said already some companies will give an indication of possible credit limits during the application process.

    I wouldn't bother with cashback. Long 0% interest rates and cashback don't go together and as the fees cards can charge have reduced cashback has reduced. I'd go for a decent period of 0% instead.

    Purchase cards are shown here.
  • chelseabluechelseablue Forumite
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    Obviously everyone's circumstances are different but I got a credit limit of £11,000 with Virgin (then after a year they put it up to £15k without me asking)
  • MarconMarcon Forumite
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    moneywow1 wrote: »
    What maxximus said. Also there's no reason you can't get more than one 0% card

    Barclaycard, Lloyds, TSB, Sainsburys, M&S off the top of my head all have long 0% rates

    There could be - card issuers are often reluctant, for obvious reasons, to issue a card when they know another issuer has provided one quite recently.
  • stehoukstehouk Forumite
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    I got a virgin 0% 27mth purchase card with a 5k limit, i spent the 5k and then balanced transfered it to a halifax 24 mth 0% card and now i'm spending another 5k on the virgin card, there are ways to get around it if you don't get a large enough limit.
  • fred246fred246 Forumite
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    The most I have had was £20k from Fluid by MBNA. A while ago now though. I was only talking to someone yesterday though about furniture. There is so much quality stuff available second hand. Legitimate reasons like house sale or clearance, emigration. I got some fantastic furniture for 99p on eBay. I would never buy new furniture. Does take time though to find the right stuff.
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